14 musicians perform at Francophonie concert in Nigeria


Fourteen musicians on Saturday in Abuja performed at the a concert to close the Francophonie Week, using trumpets, saxophones, conga, piano, drums and guitars to entertain guests.

The popular Bitter Cola Afrobeat band from Lagos was one of the star attractions at the event. The band using the saxophone, played some of the classical Fela Anikulapo Kuti’s tunes.

The event which was held at the Institut Francais du Nigeria, was organised by the embassies of France and Belgium in Nigeria.

The week-long event began with the ‘Chefs Taste Challenge’ under the Good France Programme at the French Embassy. This was aimed at strengthening the cultural relationship between Nigeria and France through gastronomy.

The chef’s challenge was to celebrate the cuisines of both countries, and also to promote both local and European chefs.

There were also school performances, which involved drama, singing, dancing and a special quiz, all in French. The event was organised by the Institut Francais, in partnership with Nigerian schools.

Also, a tasting event called “Come and Taste” different traditional meals from Francophone countries was held in different restaurants in the city, particularly, the restaurants that took part in the chef’s challenge in Abuja.

The participating restaurants were Relais Cafe Restaurants and Catering Services, Zuma Grill at Transcorp Hilton, Helene’s Food Co and Le Petit Square, at the Grand Square restaurants.

A student of the institute told NAN that the festival was an interesting experience which has created a platform for the students to interact with French speaking people.

She added that the night allowed them to unwind and to get to know each other, using French to communicate.

The Attieke Republic Restaurant was open all night for guests to experience the cultural cuisines of France.