18 die from gang violence in Honduras prison


Atleast 18 inmates were killed and 16 injured in an outbreak of gang violence at a prison in Honduras on Friday.

The fight at a prison in the northern port city of Tela was one of the worst recent outbreaks in the country.

It follows a wave of prison violence in the country, where prisons are notoriously overcrowded.

State of emergency
The government had declared a state of emergency in the prison system on Wednesday, transferring control to security forces.

A military official said they had not formally taken control of the prison in Tela before the violence erupted.

But security forces have since been deployed to the prison to attempt to restore order, officials added.

Honduras’ prisons house more than 20,000 inmates, despite them only having capacity for about 8,000.

Fights in the jails are common, as rival street gangs vie for control.


Nneka Ukachukwu