3 men convicted for killing Nigerian model

Harry Uzoka

Three men have been convicted of the murder of a successful young male Nigerian model, Harry Uzoka, who was killed when a row on social media boiled over into a violent street brawl in Shepherd’s Bush, London, UK.

The dispute, which was about a girl, escalated and led to Harry being stabbed to death with a knife on January 11, 2018.

The suspects have now been remanded in custody and are due to be sentenced at the Old Bailey on Friday, September 21.They are: George Koh, 24, a Liberian national, Mersa Dikanda, 24, a Congolese national, and Jonathan Okigbo, 24.

George Koh and Mersa Dikanda were found guilty on Monday, August 13, of Harry Uzoka’s murder at the Old Bailey while Jonathan Okigbo was found guilty of manslaughter.

25-year-old Harry, or ‘H’ as his friends called him, was fatally injured when a dispute between himself and Koh about a girl escalated to the pair arranging to meet for a fight.

He was chased and cornered around a parked car by Koh and three friends before his rival knifed him three times.

Wounded, Mr Uzoka stumbled towards his Shepherd’s Bush home, but collapsed and died on the pavement outside.

Harry was regarded as a growing celebrity in the modelling world and was well-liked and admired by his colleagues having cultivated a reputation as a laid-back person who was happy to give advice to help other people get ahead in the industry. He was regarded by many as the leading black male model in the UK.

He and Koh, who was also a model, were known to each other, though Koh did not enjoy as much success.

The pair were not friends; Harry had been annoyed by attempts from Koh to emulate him and make contact with his friends, but there had not been anything to indicate any serious ill-feeling between the pair.

George Koh was obsessed with catwalk rival Harry Uzoka’s success and had boasted in Instagram messages he had slept with the GQ star’s girlfriend Ruby Campbell.

Sammie Idika