30 European countries attest to COVID-19 resurgence – WHO


Thirty European countries have seen increases in COVID-19 cumulative cases in the past two weeks, with 11 of them experiencing a significant resurgence, WHO Regional Director for Europe Hans Kluge said on Thursday.

“Last week Europe saw an increase in weekly cases for the first time in months.

“For weeks, I have spoken about the risk of a resurgence as countries adjust measures.

“In several countries across Europe, these risks have now become reality.

“Thirty countries have seen increases in new cumulative cases over the past two weeks.

“In 11 of these countries, an accelerated transmission has led to a very significant resurgence that if left unchecked, will push health systems to the brink once again in Europe,” Kluge told a virtual briefing.


Poland, Germany, Spain, and Israel have, “responded quickly to dangerous outbreaks of COVID-19 associated with schools, coal mines, and food production settings that have occurred over the past several weeks,” Kluge said, praising the actions of the authorities.

The WHO official remarked that while the region was reporting a smaller proportion of global cases than it did earlier this year, the daily new case count was still about 20,000 with more than 700 deaths.

Suzan O



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