5000 flee Burkina Faso conflict zones – ICRC


The International committee of Red Cross (ICRC) said 5,000 people fled
their homes in the northern Soum province of Burkina Faso as of January, following the increase in armed violence.

“Following the increasing number of acts of armed violence in the Soum province, over 800 households, 5,000 people, had to leave their homes as of January, for more southerly localities”,  the ICRC said in a statement.

The ICRC made this public after providing food vouchers to the displaced people in the violence-torn Soum province
where it said “livelihood and access to health care are badly affected”.

Idrissa Savadogo of the ICRC, who took part in the assistance operation, said: “ these displaced households have received vouchers to be exchanged for foods in local businesses.

Also, Christian Munezero, the head of ICRC mission in Burkina Faso said: “maintaining access to healthcare, with the Burkina Red-Cross and in partnership with local authorities, is also at the heart of our priorities.”

What we are most afraid of now is the lean season between June and August. Drought and insecurity may hit these communities”, he added.

Northern Burkina Faso is among the poorest regions of the country and it has seen frequent terrorist attacks since 2015.