9th Assembly considers alternative policies for national growth

Lawan Hamidu, Abuja


The 9th National Assembly says it is considering alternative policies

to improve the living conditions of Nigerians as well as the nation’s economy.

The policies include secure transaction and collateral registry to allow people assess fund for doing business, as well as parliamentary forums on critical issues for the development of the country.

A House of Representatives’ member from Delta State, Dr. Osai Osai in an interview with National Assembly reporters said drastic measures must be adopted to move Nigeria forward.

He said “I will tell you that we are bringing an alternative policies because we are not seeing the policies working. We are pushing for a law on security transaction and collateral registry targeting the middle class people who are unable to access funds through some collateral.

This opportunity has been given to them, in a shortest, signed into law but the government had not work on the opportunity to be able to deploy fund to this sector of our people to be able to lift them from the poverty level to the level that would add value to the economy.”

Dr. Osai Osai while commending the 8th Assembly for its efforts said the 9th Assembly is going to build on the successes through proffering solutions rather than criticizing the executive arm.

Though members have resolved to work together, opposition parties,especially, the Peoples’ Democratic Party is strategizing to give strong but constructive opposition to meet the yearnings and aspirations of Nigerians.

We are bringing new ideas to create a unifying factors that would help Nigerians to create value for money of what we deploy through legislations in terms of appropriation act.

We are also intend to look at the parliamentary forums on different sectors of education, on agriculture, on maritime sector and critical road infrastructure, people who have passion for those areas, using the opposition and collaboration with International NGOs to be able to partner with them and bring succor to these different sectors of our economy.” Dr. Osai emphasized.

The 9th National Assembly inaugurated barely two weeks ago has resolved to set aside political and other differences to work for the national interest.

Ime Njoku