9th House of Representatives prioritises security

By Lawan Hamidu, Abuja 

Nigeria's House of Representatives

A member of the 9th House of Representatives says insecurity and fighting corruption would be the priority of the lawmakers until the country is well secured and freed from corruption.

Sulaiman Aliyu Lere from Kaduna State said in the last one month 80 percent of the legislative activities were on security.

Aliyu Lere said once the two evils were tackled the country’s march towards prosperity will be assured.

“Our focus still remain on security it is very important, I can see that from the date of our resumption of office here in the National Assembly, we spent more than 80% of our legislative time debating on security. Without security nothing will happen, there would not be any progress.

”Efforts should surely continue to be focus on security until we get there.

Similarly other issues would not be left out, such as fighting corruption, the general well-being of the masses, revamping the economy, making life better for our people…” the lawmaker explained.

Ministerial list
On the ministerial nominees being screened by the Senate, the lawmaker said the team was far better than the last cabinet.

“As for me I think this composition is far-far better than what we saw in 2015. The quality of the people that are coming in, the caliber of the individuals that are there, the credibility of the people… I think is far-far better than what we have seen. And by extension it is our hope that the general public will find them more acceptable than the other ones that already gone. Even though the other ones have tried their best as well but we have seen a better team than what was there,” he stated.

Urging Nigerians to have faith in them, Aliyu Lere said the alleged indictment on some of the nominees would only be an issue if they are convicted.

The lawmaker argued that the constitution is explicit that “If you are facing corruption charges does not mean that we can jump to conclusion and say you are criminal.

”If you are facing corruption the constitution of the country/ the laws of the land have stated it explicitly clear that unless where you have been convicted by court of competent jurisdiction, the assumption is that you are innocent.

”So even if is awaiting judgment as long as there is no pronouncement from any court he should be given that benefit of doubt.”

The President’s 43 nominees for ministerial appointments, submitted to the National Assembly on Tuesday, are currently undergoing screening at the Senate.


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