Nas set to publish children’s book titled “I know I can”

I know I can

Popular rapper, Nas, has announced that he plans to release his first children’s book “I know I can” from his 2002 God’s Son track “I know”.

“@MassAppeal launches @MAJRour kids brand. My first kid’s book is on the way,” he wrote on Instagram. The post was accompanied by the book’s cover, which has the back view of a black family of four walking toward a life-size cutout of a globe.

A clip from the music video “ I know I Can”

“Our mission is to inspire future generations through the creation of unique toys, apparel, and innovative learning tools,” reads the company’s mission statement.

MAJR is here to reflect the diverse hues of both the modern family and popular culture because education starts in the crib.” His first book will be part of a reading series that is geared to “empowering kids to be whatever they want to be when they grow up.”

However, there is no release date for I Know I Can just yet.