Abuja expectant mothers say ante-natal better in public hospitals


Some expectant mothers in the Abuja  have expressed preference for ante-natal and eventual delivery in public hospitals because of accessibility and cost.

The expectant mothers said  that government health facilities have more qualified personnel and equipment than private healthcare centres.

They also said that services at public hospitals were subsidised while private clinics charge higher fees.

Mrs Grace Ogbonna, an expectant mother, said that she registered in government hospital because it was better equipped than private health facilities.

However, she noted that some of medical and health workers as well auxiliary staff in public hospitals lack friendly attitude towards patients and their relatives.

According to her, some doctors, nurses, midwives and support staff in private hospitals demonstrate better discipline.


Ogbonna said that most times private hospitals poach consultants from government hospitals to attend patients on some specific days and asked what happens when there is an emergency.

Madam Azumi Bola said that she prefers public healthcare centres because of moderate charges compared to the high rates in private hospitals.

She also said it was cheaper to register in a public hospital for ante-natal and deliver babies than private hospitals especially with the prevailing economic situation.

But Bola said that she attended ante-natal in a public hospital for her first pregnancy, delivered there and was satisfied with the services.

She noted that in spite of huge crowd and delays in public hospitals patients were sure of meeting consultants and not just any doctor.

Another expectant mother, Mrs Anita Phillip, said she earlier wanted to patronise private hospitals, because they attend to people promptly.

Phillip however said that she was advised to register at the public hospital because of the availability of diverse medical experts with experience compared to what the private hospitals offer.

“Some of the private hospitals don’t even have a gynaecologist, not even a good scanning machine.

“They keep telling you go and do scanning outside and bring the result or they refer you somewhere to do the scan,’’ she said.

On her part, Mrs Halima Sani said that she prefers private hospitals because of the large turnout at public hospitals on ante-natal clinic days.

Sani said that even though the charges at the public hospitals were usually moderate compared to the high rates in private hospitals, she cannot bear with the crowd.