Abuja residents call for intensified efforts against clogged gutters


Some residents of Abuja, Nigeria’s capital city have on Wednesday urged the Abuja Environmental Protection Board (AEPB) to intensify campaigns against clogged gutters against floods with the coming of the rains.

The residents urged the board to sensitise the people on the dangers of blocked gutters and find ways of unclogging them.

Mr. Yahaya Garba, an environmentalist and resident of Zuba, underscored the need for gutters to be clear of leaves and debris to prevent flooding during the rainy season.

Garba said if gutters are not unclogged, drain outlets would dam up and rainwater would fill the gutters leading to overflow and eventually pulling the gutters loose.

A resident of Mpape, Mrs Felicia William, said that people should always be mindful of things and objects that could cause blockage of drains.