Safety officials visit areas affected by tremors

 Hudu Yakubu, Abuja 

Overview of Maitama, Abuja, one of the areas affected by the tremors.

The Federal Capital Territory Administration has assured residents of Abuja that there is no likelihood of earthquakes within the territory and the country, after the earth tremors in Mpape and its environs on Thursday and Friday.

The Director, FCT Emergency Management Agency, FEMA, Mr Abass Idris, stated this after he visited the scene of the incident in Abuja, the nation’s capital.

Mr Idris urged residents in the territory not to be alarmed by the sudden shake of the earth in the affected areas.

He assured residents of Abuja that there was no cause for alarm as the situation was under control.

The Director also said that, the earth shaking around Mpape and some parts of Maitama districts did not imply that the FCT and indeed the country was under the threat of an earthquake.

“We are urging all residents to calm down and be rest assured that the abnormal situation would soon stop,” he added.

He revealed that the possible cause of the incident was a “sign of seismic movement within the earth that was caused by a sudden break along a fault line”.

“This sudden release of energy makes the ground to shake which may be caused by stress in underground rocks and mining activities in the area”, he emphasised.

When personnel of the agency interacted with Mpape residents, they gathered that this was not the first time the shaking had occurred but has happened five years ago,” Idris further added.

Mr Idris appealed to the residents of the affected area to remain calm as the agency was doing all within its power to bring the situation under control within the shortest time.

He urged the residents to vacate their houses and take cover under desks or tables and hold tight until the tremors were over.

The Abuja FEMA Director then called on the residents to stay away from windows and objects that are likely to fall and also find a clear spot away from buildings, trees and power lines.

He advised the residents of the FCT, in case of any emergency, to call the Toll Free Emergency Number 112 or 08188888766, 08057224574 for prompt response.