Actress, Juliet Ibrahim says her book is therapeutic


Ghanaian actress and filmmaker Juliet Ibrahim says writing her memoir A Toast To Life was a form of therapy for her, noting that readers would also find it so.

She also said the process of writing the book strengthened her and believes it will be of assistance to others.

“Writing… A Toast To Life was very therapeutic for me,” she said.

“I honestly didn’t realise how strong I was until I put together all my experiences collectively in this memoir. I’ve had experiences that would probably break the average person. But I survived.

“The book is a deeply personal narrative of my triumph over adversity faced at different stages in my life, and my journey to true self-love.

“Readers will be delving into my world. They’ll be reading about the Juliet that the screens don’t show and the media had no idea about.

“Readers will also use my stories and experiences in A Toast To Life to understand that they’re not alone in the world and can use their experiences to become better instead of dealing with it alone and thinking that’s the worst thing that could happen to them.

“My book will motivate and inspire them in every aspect of life,” she added.


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