African English teachers  train over 200 tutors in Nigeria

Temitope Mustapha, Abuja


A Pan-African Organisation of English language teachers also known as Africa Teachers of English to Speakers of other Languages TESOL, says it has trained over 200 International and Indigenous teachers in Abuja, on classroom and practitioners research.

The Founder of TESOL, Mr Okon Effiong, said this in Abuja at the Africa TESOL 4th International Conference and Exhibition.

Mr Effiong said the opportunity was for English language teachers to improve professionally and collaborate with the British Council and the US departments.

Empower Teachers
He said that TESOL which was based in Qatar organises relevant workshops to empower teachers at all levels and to give Nigerian teachers the opportunity to present papers at both international and local level.

He stated that TESOL was a Pan-Africa organisation of English language teachers that organises training and workshop to boost teaching profession in Africa.

According to Effiong , “the opportunity is for you to come and grow professionally and we collaborate with the British Council and US department to sponsor people in our conferences.

It is difficult for many teachers to travel outside the country for paper presentation, therefore, TESOL has provided a platform for them to present at its international conferences and this has been helped their development.

Though, we have a lot of challenges but the opportunity is more than the challenges and as we grow, I think we will bring more benefits to the English teachers in the continent.

We offer workshop and research oriented for people to share their research finding and also learning new teaching approach,” Effiong explained.

The President, International Association of Teachers of English as a Foreign Language IATETL, Mr Harry Kuchah, said it was time that Africa generate its ideas, following the varieties of languages in Africa.

The workshop helps the teachers to investigate what is happening in their classroom and to develop indigenous paradigm practices that are appropriate for the Africa context.

“In Africa, for a long time we imported ideas about best practices context that are not the same with the Africa context.

“We continue importing this idea that is not our context and we keep on complaining that our system is falling because we are importing idea that is not relevant to our context.

“As president of one of the largest international association, I’m aware of what is happening across the globe in the field of English and in other part of the world.

As an African working with people from different part of the world, I think it is a great opportunity for Nigeria teachers to benefit from the expertise from around the globe,” he said.

Positive Impact
The Head of Quality Assurance of National Commission for Colleges of Education, NCCE Professor Owan Enoh, said that TESOL conference was a welcome development based on its positive impact on the Africa teachers.

He said the conference have helped the teachers to learn and interact with international communities and countries.

“I believe we are all foreigners of English language because English language coded a lot of information because all other subjects are written in English language which makes it foundation of all learning.

Except our teacher know how to teach English very well, there will be problem in our system because the poor standard of our education today can be trace to poor language teaching,’’ Enoh explained.

Officials of  TESOL and  IATETL  from Ethiopia, Tanzania, Gabon, South Africa, Senegal, Mali, Benin Republic, among others attended the conference.


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