Africa’s coronavirus cases hit 110,900

Amaka E. Nliam


Africa’s coronavirus cases have hit 110,900– with more than 44,500 recoveries and 3,300 deaths on the continent, according to the World Health Organization African Region.

As of Monday, 25 May, 2020, South Africa has recorded 22,583 cases, 10,104 recoveries and 429 fatalities.

Algeria still retains second place with 8,306 confirmed cases, 4,578 recoveries and 600 deaths.

Nigeria has so far recorded 7,839 infections with 2,263 discharged and 226 casualties.

Ghana has reported 6,808 cases of the COVID-19. 2,080 people have recovered, while 32 have died.

A full view of all the African countries and the COVID-19 incidence can be viewed via the WHO Dashboard below:

Amaka E. Nliam