Africa’s coronavirus cases now over 86,000- WHO

Amaka E. Nliam


Africa’s coronavirus cases have risen to over 86,000, according to the latest report of the World Health Organization (WHO) African Region.

In all, thirty-three thousand (33,000) persons have, however, recovered, while 2,700 have died.

Overall, South Africa still takes the lead with 16,433 confirmed coronavirus cases and 286 fatalities. 7,298 persons have, however, recovered.

Algeria has recorded 7,201 cases, 555 COVID-19 related deaths; 3,625 have recovered.

Nigeria is third, recording 6,175 cases of the coronavirus so far and 191 fatalities. 1,644 have recovered and been discharged.

View country figures and more with the WHO African Region dashboard below:


Amaka E. Nliam