Africa’s COVID-19 cases exceed 69,000, over 23,000 recoveries

Amaka E. Nliam


Africa has recorded over 69,000 cases of the COVID19 , while more than 23,000 persons have recovered form the dreaded disease. This is according to the latest statistics released by the World Health Organization African Region.

Sadly, there have been about 23,000 #COVID19 related fatalities since its outbreak on the continent.

As of Wednesday, 13th May, 2020, South Africa is still leading with 11, 350 coronavirus cases and 206 deaths.

Algeria comes second with 6,067 and 515 fatalities.

Ghana’s 5,127 coronavirus cases seem to have soared as it is third now, having overtaken Nigeria. Its death toll of 22, however, is still comparatively low.

Nigeria has recorded 4,787 coronavirus cases with 158 deaths. 959 persons have, however, recovered and been discharged.

Cameroun has 2,689 confirmed coronavirus cases with 125 deaths. 1,524 have also recovered.

Please see the dashboard below for a full view of all the countries and the #COVID19 incidence:

Amaka E. Nliam