Agric expert recommends Neem leaves for grains preservation


An Agriculture expert in Nigeria, Mr Fidelis Ozor has recommended the use of Neem leaves popularly called ‘Dogo Yaro leaves’ for preservation and storage of grains against weevils and other insect attacks.

Mr Ozor, the Director of Agric Services, Enugu State Ministry of Agriculture gave the recommendation while speaking in an interview with Journalists in the state.

Ozor said that rather than using harmful chemicals against insects attacks on grains, preserving and storing grains along with dried Neem leaves would help to keep away insects.

He added that dried Neem leaves, when mixed with the grains to be stored usually acted as insecticide to those grains.

“Farmers should know that dried Neem leaves are used for preserving grains because they absorb moisture from the grains.

“Using dried Neem leaves is an easy method; when the leaves are completely dried, you are expected to mix the grains together with the dried Neem leaves, then store in a clean, dried air-tight container in a clean environment,” he explained.

He urged farmers to desist from using insecticides, adding that they should store their grains naturally by drying up the grains properly before storing.

He said that the use of the Neem leaves in the preservation and storing of food grains could last for many months without being attacked by any form of insects.

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