AgroNigeria partners with New Zealand to boost agribusiness


New Zealand has expressed its readiness to collaborate with AgroNigeria to boost agribusiness in the country.

This pledge was made today by the country’s Trade and Commercial Advisor for Africa, M’Hamed  Bahhar during his courtesy visit to the office of the “Voice of Nigeria’s Agriculture”, a subsidiary of AgroNigeria.

According to Bahhar, the visit was to understand the mode of operation of AgroNigeria and establish an agribusiness partnership between New Zealand and the organisation. “We are here today to understand what you do, what is your mission. Nigeria is a big country. We want to see how we can exchange expertise in terms of Agriculture. We are very keen on increasing trade ties between the two countries.” Bahhar stated.

The Executive Director of AgroNigeria, Idongesit Mbaram noted that it has been operating for thirteen years and is undoubtedly the most trusted vehicle for qualitative dissemination of Agro-centric information in the country, “we focus on in-depth reportage of happenings in the agricultural sector, endeavouring to link producers of agricultural goods and services with the market. We are servicing key players in the agricultural sector in the country”, she explained.

Mbaram also stated further that AgroNigeria is proficient in all the value chains of agriculture “In recent times, our parent company, Messrs. Verdure Vision LLC, launched  AgroAfrica to cater for the gaps in African agriculture, through informative mass media engagements .We remain a sure medium for linking up agro-investors from your country with those in Nigeria” she added.

The Marketing Manager of AgroNigeria, Mr. Stephen Ogboko stressed that the organisation also organises events aimed at advancing the cause of players in the agricultural ecosystem.