AgroNigeria’s CEO charges students on agricultural entrepreneurship


The CEO of AgroNigeria, Richard-Mark Mbaram, has called on the younger generation to maximize the potentials of agriculture and see it as a means of ensuring a better future for themselves.

Mbaram made this charge on the third day of the Agro Youth Fusion (AYF) which held at the Royal Kriston College, Mushin.

According to Mbaram, the agriculture sector is the best treasure that Nigeria possesses, noting that millionaires would be made out of the sector, if the government utilizes its potentials.

He said, “Unlike oil and gas which will dry up on the future or substituted for other sources of energy, the agriculture is not going anywhere because there will be more mouths to feed in the future.

The smart dialysis is that when you have to feed people and they have to pay for it, the place to be is agriculture.”

He therefore advised the students to adopt an entrepreneurial mindset towards agriculture, adding that they have a responsibility to change Nigeria for the better.

The AYF is an agricultural youth programme, organised by AgroNigeria, aimed at imbibing agriculture into the mindset of the future generation at a young age.