Al-Shabab militants kill 2 in Kenya


Al-Shabab militants have reportedly killed two civilians in Garissa County, in Kenya’s north-east.

They were killed after al-Shabab militants stopped a bus and ordered passengers to produce their identification cards.

Reports say three passengers who were not ethnic Somalis were picked out.

“They were then asked to recite the Muslim Shahada [Islamic declaration of belief in the oneness of God] and the seven verses of Suratul Fatiha [the opening chapter of the Koran],” said a teacher who was in the bus.

One of those targeted managed to recite the verses and was set free, but the other two were killed.

Al-Shabab militants often ambush travellers and security forces in the coastal and north-eastern regions of Kenya.

On August 29, the militants ambushed Kenyan security forces and reportedly killed five soldiers.

Sammie Idika