American singer Pink takes break from music career


American born singer and song writer, Alecia Beth Moore, better known as Pink, has confirmed she will be taking a break from touring and singing to concentrate on her family and allow her husband to focus on his career

The ‘Just like A Pill’ singer shocked fans at the People’s Choice Awards (PCA) when she said it was “time to take a minute” but at the Country Music Awards (CMA) on Wednesday she revealed more details about why it was time to relax.

“We did two-and-a-half years and Willow is back in school and Jameson will start pre-school, so it’s the year of the family,” she said, speaking of her daughter and son.

She added: “And Carey has a lot going on. He follows me around the world and now it’s his turn.”

Pink, has been married to 44-year-old professional freestyle motocross competitor Carey for 13 years.

The pair met in 2001 and Pink proposed to Carey in 2005 via a pit board during one of his races.

They revealed in 2008 they had split but reunited a year later, and confirmed they had undergone marriage counselling.

Pink and Carey had first child Willow Sage in 2011 followed by son Jameson in December 2016.

The superstar singer, 40, has long been keen to show off her adorable kids, and regularly posts pictures of them on social media.

She took them all along to the PCA’s where she was honoured for her charity work, and also the CMAs.

“There is so much to be done. I don’t care about your politics, I care about your kids. I care about decency and humanity and kindness. Kindness today is an act of rebellion.

“There are people who don’t have what you have, help them get it.

“There is a planet that needs help, it feels good to help. Stop fighting each other and help each other. Get together with your friends and change the world.”

Olusola Akintonde