Anambra Assembly tasks governor with promoting beef farming


The Anambra State House of Assembly on Friday urged Gov. Willie Obiano to establish infrastructure that would promote indigenous beef farming known as ‘Efi Igbo’, in local parlance.

The resolution followed a motion raised under Matters of Urgent Public Importance by Hon. Umeoduagu Dike, Aguata I, who said that beef farming was an untapped lucrative business in the state.

Dike said that the provision of adequate infrastructure would go a long way in solving the constraints to beef production and cow rearing business known as ‘Efi Igbo’, in the state.

“The demand for livestock products such as milk, beef and other dairy products is continually increasing. We can tap into this demand.

“With appropriate encouragement and enabling environment from the government, more people will engage in the business of beef farming. That way, jobs will be created.

“When we have many people in the business, there will be competition and prices of meat will reduce. When our local consumption is satisfied, we will begin to export.

“That way, our economy will grow and ‘Efi Igbo will not go into extinction,’’ Dike said.

The lawmakers took turns to support the motion, saying that beef farming “is a profitable investment in agriculture.’’

The Deputy Speaker, Dr Paschal Agbodike, who presided over the plenary, directed the clerk, Pius Udo to communicate the resolution to the governor.

Agbodike described good road network as an engine for economic development of any state.