Anyaoku appeals to African leaders for more collaborations

Yahaya Ndambabo

Chief Emeka Anyaoku

The Former Secretary General of Common Wealth, Chief Emeka Anyaoku has called on African leaders to integrate and collaborate more to tackle the challenges of security, infrastructure deficit, human rights and rule of Law for a consolidated democracy.

Chief Anyaoku — who also lamented on the low level of trade among African Countries — was speaking at the 2019 Invest in Africa Summit and Expo, a bilateral investment forum, held in Abuja, Nigeria’s Capital City.

The theme of the event is ‘Unveiling Investment Opportunities and Government Incentives in Africa for International Investors and Benefits from Bilateral Agreements.’

The Former Secretary General was honored with the ‘Africa Achievers Award‘ at the event.

While thanking the organizers of the event for the award, he narrated how he helped many African countries, especially the Southern African countries of Namibia, Mozambique, Zimbabwe and South-Africa to attain independence.

“The challenges Africa faces today is on developing its socio-economic potentials, and consolidating democracy which means looking after internal security,” Anyaoku said.

“Because unless a society is secured, it cannot develop meaningfully.”

Anyaoku called on African leaders to build unity within the continent in a practical, integrated and collaborative manner.

He said failure to build unity would continue to hinder the countries, from building structures that enable the continent to tap its social economic potential.

“We have in different regions of Africa regional organizations like ECOWAS in West Africa, SADC in Southern Africa and Eastern Africa Community in East Africa,” Anyaoku said.

“We believe that the activities of these sub regional organizations will make impact to the infrastructures that Africa needs for its development, and the cooperation that Africa needs to boost inter African trade.”

“We need to expand the possibilities of trade within Africa, and I believe that the leaders of African countries today and tomorrow should do well to focus on these challenges of building infrastructures, of consolidating on their democracy, by ensuring internal security and respect for rule of law and human rights,” he added.

In his closing remarks, the Chief Coordinator of the Summit Angelo Elosia, said the aim of the Summit is to promote investment opportunities in Africa, and recognize the awardees contributions to the development of Africa.

He urged the Nigerian government to increase the budget for the development of science and technology, because according to Elosia, science and technology is key to development in every part of the world.


Chidi Nwoke.