APC aspirant advocates honesty in tackling Gombe challenges

Rebecca Mu’azu, Gombe


A governorship aspirant in Gombe State under the All Progressives Congress, APC Mr. Muhammad Barde says the State needs a leader who is honest and hardworking.

This, he said the State needs, to be able tackle the challenges it faces.

Barde said this while interacting with journalists in Gombe, after he returned from submitting his expression of interest and nomination form in Abuja to contest for the governorship of Gombe State.

He said he was highly motivated to join the race because of his clean track record, his background and experience in the financial industry, as well as his journey through childhood, as he watched his mother give out small credits to people in their neighbourhood.

Equal opportunity
The APC governorship aspirant said he would create equal opportunity for all, including women and girls to give in their best for the development of the State.

Barde said he is young and well-grounded in economics and financial matters because he spent 24 years in that field, where he rose from a cash counter to the chief executive of a bank.

The young Gombe politician says he will not allow the old guard politicians to continue to hold people to ransom anymore.

“I am fired up. I see people young and old struggling to make ends meet. After working for 24 years, rising from cash counter to the chief executive of a bank, I feel there is no better time than now to come out,” he said.

The 47-year old Barde stated he believes that the founding fathers of the All Progressives Congress designed the party to make change critical and possible.

He also said he owes Gombe State a lot and wants to give back to the society for giving him a solid foundation, through the public schools he attended and the scholarship he enjoyed.

Barde said he is riding on the successes of the present administration of President Muhammadu Buhari, which has made the North-East and Nigeria as a whole, more secure, especially in Gombe State, where people are now going about their businesses in peace.

Above all, Barde said developing the rural areas is what should be done to touch the lives of everyone.

“Three things are very clear to me. We need to have rural development. I am very clear about that. Our rural areas are totally backward, because they do not have access to water. The very basic thing to progress and prosperity are not available, and that is education and healthcare and potable drinking water. There is no way you can prosper as a people if you are not educated. If you are not healthy, there is no way you can work as a people, if you do not have water. These basic things are actually missing. In addition to that there is no accessibility to most of the rural areas. So am very clear that rural development will have to be at the centre of what we need to do in order to uplift our people,” Barde said.

He also promised that if given the opportunity to govern the State, he will invest heavily in agriculture, reduce mortality rate drastically, through the provision of quality healthcare services, enhance education and water supply, as well as create job opportunities, among others.

Barde said he has gone round all 114 wards in the State and discussed with the people on their various challenges and mapped out strategies on how to tackle them and meet their needs.

“In doing this, I have provided a clearly defined roadmap for where I think we should be. I took my time and went through the entire State and in this State; we have 114 wards where people are living. And there are additional villages in each and every ward and we have 11 local governments I did not start this race without going through each and every of these local governments to ensure that I understand what the problems are I understand what issues are on ground and what we need to do,” Barde said.

He also said he will open up the economy of Gombe State for industrialisation to provide job opportunities by resuscitating moribund industries and ventures in the state, which used to produce goods and services for the state, to create more jobs.

Above all, Barde pledged never to misappropriate or embezzle a penny from government funds that do not belong to him, because he has provided a vision to transform the State.

He is now calling on the people to support him and lay the foundation for the needed change in the State.

Sammie Idika