APC Convention Secretary resigns

By Aanya Igomu


The Secretary of the Convention Planning Committee of Nigeria’s governing party the All Progressives Congress (APC) has resigned from the office.

The Secretary, Senator Benjamin Owajimogu who stated this in a press briefing at the Convention Secretariat in Abuja said his resignation was due to personal family reasons.

He also said he hoped that his resignation would clear the air on reports in the media insinuating that he could influence the convention results.

Senator Owajumogu urged the party to appoint a member of the convention committee from the southeast zone to occupy his vacant position.

He further spoke on his tumultuous relationship with the Governor of his state, Governor Rochas Okorocha of Imo state (southeast Nigeria) who was strongly opposed to him being the secretary of the convention committee.

“My relationship with my Governor is actually something in the public domain. All of us in Imo state are opposed to the way the government is being run in Imo state and our opposition is  based on principle, based on the fact that 95% of Imo citizens and indeed southeast members are not happy with what is happening in Imo state”.

Southeast citizens are ashamed that the only state that we have that is run by APC is being run the way that we’ve seen in the last three years. There was no choice for me but to detach myself from that government.

Decision to resign
“I am aware that the Governor is supporting and promoting certain Southeast citizens to run for positions that have been zoned to the southeast so now that I am on longer the Secretary of the convention nobody will accuse me of manipulating the results of the convention

The APC in Imo state has been divided since its ward, local and state congresses in the state where Governor Okorocha and his supporters cried foul play in the conduct of the congresses and called for a new date to be set for fresh congresses.

Also a few days ago, APC Southeast leaders held a meeting of which Governor Okorocha was absent.

In the meeting, the Southeast decided to re-elect members of the National Executives from that region for a second term in the forthcoming coming convention.

Senator Owajumogu further spoke on the decision arrived at the southeast meeting.

“Now that I have resigned I hope that Rochas Okorocha will accept the result of the convention because the entire southeast leaders, the entire southeast delegates, the entire southeast statutory and elected delegates are in support of the re-election of the three members of the National working Committee that we have in the southeast.

“I hope now that I have resigned he will find it easy, he will find it acceptable, he will no longer continue to blackmail the APC with leaving the party which I think will be a wonderful thing if he decides to leave because we are hoping and we know that he has another party platform that he has been preparing ever since.”

He said he has spoken to relevant stakeholders who understands why he had to take the decision to resign.

Senator Owajumogu said the Committee was ready at any time to conduct the convention and that most of what needs to be done has been done.

“We have created sub-committees, the sub-committees have held their meetings, most of them have brought in their budget, we have approached the national party and they have approved certain sums for us which is still very intact, I want to say that if that convention is slated for next week, will be able to do it,” he said.


Lateefah Ibrahim