Argentina welcomes Ethiopian airline’s all female crew


The Argentine president, Mauricio Macri, welcomed the all female Ethiopian Airlines flight to Buenos Aires.

The maiden trip from the Ethiopian capital to the Argentine capital was historically undertaken on the occassion of International Women’s Day.

Marci believes the introduction of the five weekly flights by Ethiopian Airlines will boost tourism, sports and commercial relations for the two countries.

 ‘‘The direct flight from Ethiopia to Buenos Aires will boost diplomatic, economic and political relations.’‘said Ethiopian Airlines Group CEO, Tewolde GebreMariam.

The female pilots who flew the B787 Dreamliner to Buenos Aires lauded the warm welcome they received.



In December 2017, they made history by sending one such team on an intra-Africa trip from Addis Ababa to Lagos, and before that, in late 2015, a similar crew flew passengers from Addis Ababa to the Thai capital, Bangkok.

An all-women team means the entire flight management team comprised of women: from the pilots and cabin crew to in-flight ramp operations as well as flight dispatchers on the ground.