Association urges Nigerian government to ban importation of furnitures


The Nigerian Welders Association (NWA) has appealed to government to ban importation of finished furnitures as part of efforts to boost production in the country.

The NWA Zonal Chairman, Alhaji Ola Balogun who made the appeal in Lagos, South west Nigeria, said that a large number of furniture factories and welders had been laid off work as a result of the increase on importation of furnitures.

According to him, the imported furniture is only flashy and could not compete with the locally made ones in terms of quality and durability.

He appealed to the government to intervene, by placing embargo on importation of some furniture, to encourage local manufacturers.

He insisted that the local furniture industry, with proper legislation, could provide huge revenue for the economy.

“One of the biggest challenges of the Nigerian economy is that it is import dependent. A number of companies that should have engaged in local production were importing finished products for domestic projects, which reduced gross domestic products and increased unemployment rate of the country.

“The Federal Government in 2004, under President Olusegun Obasanjo, introduced a new policy banning the importation of furniture into the country. This policy is to encourage economic growth and to promote local production of furniture.

“But recent developments have seen a downturn in investments and growth in the industry. The importation of finished furniture products has become rampant in the country. It is time for the Federal Government to revisit and re-introduce the policies that will create growth in the furniture industry,’’ he explained.

Peace PIAK