Association wants government investment to analyse air pollution


Dr Femi Oyediran, the President, Society of Testing and Laboratory Analysts of Nigeria (SOTLAN), says government must invest in research analyses on air pollution.

Oyediran gave this advice at the two-day 2019 Conference of Analysts, Research Paper Presentations and Quiz Competition organised by the Society in Lagos.

Air pollution is germane to the quality of life we want to live on earth.

Nigeria is nowhere to be found in the Air pollution page of the United Nations (UN), and this is very serious while in some countries even in Accra, you get reports of air pollution of different locations on your phone.

“It will benefit everybody including the politicians and government officials, if government invest in air pollution analyses research,’’ he said.

Oyediran said that its members had been “doing wonders’’ in turning out researches that would help the growth of the economy if they were adopted as part of policy implementation.

Dr Dahiru Adamu, the Chairman of Council, Institute of Public Analysts of Nigeria (IPAN) said that as far as air pollution was concerned nobody was safe.

He said that it was high time research analysts came out to tell politicians and government officials that even their fully air conditioner in houses, cars and rooms were not safe.

Adamu said that while in those cosy environment, they were still breathing the same amount of particles like those at the heart of congested markets and roads.

He said that the level of air pollution is now alarming proportion, stressing that public analysts needed to address with utmost urgency.

The IPAN council chairman said the sooner the governments made decisions based on research evidences the better for everybody.