Association’s chairman advises businessmen on potential of cashew


Mr. Abdulwahab Saliu, Chairman, National Cashew Association of Nigeria (NCAN) Kwara Branch has advised businessmen and the Nigerian government to tap into cashew potential. He gave the advice in Ilorin on Monday.

He also said that, many things could be derived from the cashew seed, saying that other countries are already exploring its potential.

“It promotes healthy level of good cholesterol and it is used for stomach and intestinal ailments.
The seed produces oil which is also medicinal and the nut is a nutritious snack. So, we should not allow all these to waste away. Processing cashew should be a source of income for all,’’ Saliu said.

He explained that foreigners in Nigeria are transporting cashew nuts to be processed into different products that will be imported back into the and sold.

Saliu urged the Nigerian government to support cashew farmers in generating foreign exchange for the country.