Australia’s ‘mega fire’- Several dead, hundreds of homes burnt



Australia’s bush fire is spreading in bush land and forest of New South Wales.

Emergency crew are battling to stop the over one hundred fires, as the flames burns into the night which turns what fire fighter are describing as,’’mega fire’’ destroying several homes and scorching 300 hundred hectares of land, fire fighters say they cannot cope.

Highlight in the dangers facing the emergency crew, water bombing helicopter crash while trying to downs the flames.

Thousands of fire fighters are battling to protect communities and wildlife with many Australians flown from their homes.

Australia’s bush fire seems to have started early this year, it is considered as worse on record.

Australia’s largest city is shrouded in orange spice, many weekend activities and sport events are cancelled in Sidney and Doctors are treating many patients struggling to breathe.

Dozens of fire fighters have flown in from Canada and the U.S to support the emergency affairs.

Temperatures are expected to rise over 40 degrees in the coming days, the summer heat waves is said to continue in the coming weeks.

Rain is the only thing that could bring some relief to save these five million people.


Zainab Sa’id