Awka residents stunned as heavy rains send food-prices skyrocketing


Residents of Awka, Anambra state are in disbelief as heavy rains have damaged access roads; sending food prices skyrocketing.

The lack of access roads for easy transportation of produce out of the hinterland is now impossible.

Buyers and sellers of foodstuff are not amused.

Innocent Nwobu, a farmer called on the state government to help farmers to be able to transport their produce to the mainland without paying much.

“It will be good for everybody when our roads leading to our farms are graded to a motorable condition.

“We pay much in conveying our produce to the market places which means that we have to add more money to our buyers thereby affecting the consumers.’’

Ngozi Nkpume, a trader said that bad roads were causing unnecessary increase in price of foodstuff.

“We need roads to be able to carry our purchased produce to our shops without paying so much on transportation.

Ordinarily, this rainy period should have made foodstuff lower in its price but the reverse is the case because of bad roads,” she said.

Nweke Nwobu, a retired civil servant called on the state government to do something urgently on the issue of bad roads from our agrarian communities.

We have notable areas that produce foodstuff of different kinds in Anambra, nothing stops the state government from grading their roads so as to help us to buy these things cheaper than it is now,” he said.