Baram sport promoter calls for sponsorship of the game

Terver Dominic, Abuja.

Baram Innovative Sport

A Sport promoter in Nigeria, Nelson Barde, is advocating for Baram innovative sport to be a competitive game in the country.

Barde — who was a guest on Voice of Nigeria News and Current Affairs programme ‘In the News’ — said that Baram Innovative Sport is a traditional physical activity that had been in existence since early seventies in some parts of Northern Nigeria, and had been transformed in recent times to an innovative sport.

“Baram innovative sport is a game played in some parts of northern Nigeria especially among the herders in the early 70’s to 90’s,” Barde said.

“With time people began to bring innovations to this game which made market people to pick interest.”

Barde calls on corporate organisations in Nigeria to borrow a leaf from the Netherlands who are helping in promoting Baram by sponsoring this innovation.

“If corporate organisations render assistance through sponsorship, Baram would become more popular and it is Nigeria that will in the end benefit from it the most,” he added.

“Take India for instance, they promoted cricket and it is one of the top sports in the world today”

He highlighted that Baram sport has some similarities with Hockey, Volleyball and Golf and if well promoted can be of immense help to the Nigerian youth.

Baram sport has some similarities with Hockey, Volleyball and Golf

“I have traveled wide in northern Nigeria and have seen children playing Baram outside their compound,” Barde said.

“It is a game that if well developed and standardized to an international level, would be popular among the youths and will help in taking their minds off social vices.”

Although for now Baram sport is popular amongst the herders and some youths in northern Nigeria, Barde said his aim was to make the sport popular across Nigeria and other parts of Africa, and the world over and acceptable too.

Children of school ages have also picked interest in Baram, and some of them avail themselves as center referees during play.

Barde added, “These children do this because of the love they all have for the game, this is making me ensure that this noble innovation to brought to light.”


Chidi Nwoke.