Bauchi farmers complain over lack of rainfall


Farmers in Bauchi who planted crops early this farming season are having sleepless nights following the dry season being experienced in the state, resulting in the drying up of their tender crops.

For the past few weeks, rain had not fallen in most parts of the state and the prospect of the farmers having to re-plant, is very high.

Some of the farmers said they spent huge resources on payment of labour, purchase of seeds and fertilizer used in planting the crops, adding that they were not financially buoyant to repeat same.

A peasant farmer, Mr. Aliyu Hamman, said he spent about N30, 000 and was not in a position to source for same again.“We rushed to plant crops to avoid a repeat of what happened last year when the rain stopped abruptly without crops maturing, making us to incur losses.

Now, we seem to be too early and the consequence is almost same as we may have to repeat planting and incur losses again,” he lamented.

Another peasant farmer, Jarmai Dahiru, said his soya beans crops had almost dried up and he may have to re-plant.

Meanwhile, an Islamic Cleric, Sheikh Ibrahim Idris, has called for fervent prayers for rain in Bauchi

Idris, who made the call on in Bauchi  said prayers would go a long way in saving the state from possible threat of drought and challenges posed to farmers.”For two weeks now, rain has ceased in Bauchi; this can stress many crops during certain period of their growth,” he said