Bayelsa Governor-elect pledges more security and development

By Timothy Choji, Abuja


The Bayelsa State Governor-elect, David Lyon says security and development would be his main agenda, as he prepares to take over the mantle of leadership in the oil rich state.

He made the disclosure on Monday, while speaking to State House Correspondents, soon after he met President Muhammadu Buhari at the Presidential Villa, Abuja.

He said his administration would serve the people of the State, explaining that he would not betray their trust.

Today, is one of the greatest days in my life. A great day because the great people of Bayelsa have spoken their minds by taking time to vote for our great party, APC…It is indeed a welcomed development because at our campaigns, we promised that when elected and sworn in, security and development will be our key agenda and with the support of Bayelsans they have made this possible.

 “Today, on behalf of my APC leaders, I promise Bayelsans that, we will serve them and not them to serve us. We also promise to respect leadership which is key for us. Today their votes have been counted and the people of Bayelsa will be respected.

 “I am sincerely grateful and to our father, the President of this country, for his fatherly advice as one of his sons in APC, we want to say we Bayelsans will not disappoint APC. We will consult with our leaders; traditional rulers and I believe there will be a serious positive change in Bayelsa state. This incoming administration will make Bayelsans to see positive developments and that is key to us, he said.

Great Feat
The National Chairman of the APC, Adams Oshiomhole said the party has achieved a big feat thus could not delay the presentation of the Governor-elect to President Buhari.

Oshiomhole thanked the President for ensuring a free and fair election that lead to the success recorded by APC in Bayelsa state.

We went to present the Governor-elect, David Lyon to President Muhammadu Buhari. As the President and our father, he has a brand-new baby boy who will be sworn- in on Valentine Day February 14, 2020, as Governor of Bayelsa State.  We thanked the President for his fatherly role and he insisted that we must ensure that while we are determined to win the election that we must play by the rule and ensure that the process is transparent and above all the President has always been concerned about peaceful election and we were proud to inform him that besides very isolated cases of ballot box snatching.

 “The election in Bayelsa can be described as the most peaceful. I believe since 1999, you as very seasoned journalists who have covered elections in Bayelsa in the past, you will agree that this is the only time we can say the election is truly transparent and peaceful. Again, our candidate attract supports across the political divide when you see territories and communities where his victory was being celebrated you will agree that not only did, he had the support of the APC family, he had support beyond the APC family. 

 “And of course, the President was very happy that we had a peaceful election in Bayelsa state. But of course, we also know that there was an election in Kogi but that is a matter for another day when we present the governor are-elected, the APC Chairman stated.

Marketable Product
Former Governor of Bayelsa and current Minister of State, Petroleum, Timipre Silva, who was part of the entourage to the State House, said the APC had a good ‘product’ to sell to the people of Bayelsa and that made their job easier.

“It’s been a very hectic week but I will like to bring in this Eritrean proverb, that if you marry a wife very well, you will be blessed with another wife. Governor Dickson, unfortunately made our job very easy because he married the wife very badly. Of course, this proverb pre-supposes that if you marry a wife badly, you will not get another wife. So, he did not marry the state very well, so the state roundly rejected him. Like it’s been said earlier, we had a good candidate and when you have a good product it’s very easy to sell it. So, we went around and sold this good ‘product’to Bayelsans and the result was an overwhelming success.

 “We are happy with this victory because for us it is very significant. This gives our party a footprint in the Niger Delta, which is very key to us. It gives us more of a national outlook, we have always been a national party but this gives us even a bigger national outlook. 

 “I have always said that if our party doesn’t have this much of a footprint in the bread basket of the country, it was not too good for us. But now we have it and I want to assure you that from a small seed, the biggest tree will grow. From here we will gradually, grow the party in the South-South and the South-East. APC is a good product just like our Governor-elect and we intend to sell that good product in the whole of the South-South and the South-East.”

Also contributing, both Governors Abubakar Badaru and Atiku Bagudu of Jigawa and Kebbi States, thanked the people of Bayelsa state for sticking to their choice despite all odds.

Lyon won the November 16 governorship election in Bayelsa state with 352,550 as against 143,172 votes scored by the PDP candidate, Douye Diri.


Lateefah Ibrahim