Bayern’s new jersey unveiled……it’s made of recycled plastic!

Mazino Dickson


Global brands and business the world over are showing more keen interest in the protection and preservation of the environment.

That includes sporting arena.

The latest to join this growing trend is German football giants FC Bayern Munich.

The Bunesliga champions have unveiled their UEFA Champions League jersey for the new season.

But guess what? It’s made entirely of recycled plastic!

The jersey manufacture is a partnership between adidas and the ‘Parley for the Oceans’ initiative, an alliance of visionaries, thinkers and leaders with the aim of raising awareness of the state of our oceans and launching projects to protect and preserve the world’s seas.

These recycled marine plastics are collected by the Parley group from clean-up operations in the coastal areas of the Maldives.

Adidas works with Parley to develop methods of making high-quality yarns and fibres from plastic waste.

The first plastic-inspired jersey was released by Adidas for Bayern and perenial European Champions Real Madrid in 2016.

On its part FC Bayern Munich says this initiative shows the club’s growing commitment to sustainability and environmental protection.

“I think everyone in our society has become aware of the need to protect our planet,” said Mats Hummels, Bayern’s environment ambassador.

“By 2050, the weight of plastic in the oceans could weigh more than the entire fish stock if we don’t manage to dispose of plastic better and ultimately reuse it. The Parley kit is an example to the world of sport. Adidas has tackled the important issue of ecology here in a responsible and creative way,” he added.