Benue speaker: Only political will can re-position Nigeria’s agriculture


The Speaker, Benue State House of Assembly, Titus Uba, says until stakeholders in the agricultural sector summon the political will to truly develop the sector, its potentials would not be maximally utilised.

The speaker made this assertion at the 2019 Feed Nigeria Summit that ended in Abuja on Wednesday.

By producing what we need and consuming what we produce,” he said.

He added that countries that were thriving in agriculture looked inward to develop their economy and technology.

The speaker called on the legislators to carry out oversight functions effectively by avoiding politicisation in favour their parties.

“We are here trying to look at how agro business will thrive and talking about customs and our borders.

“Benue State for instance, has a lot of oranges that can produce concentrate to distribute to other companies.

“We have a processing plant for that but it is moribund because the infrastructure is not there. We could not sustain the cost of fuelling and other overhead costs.