Benue State House of Assembly resumes activities

Danielle Bem-Sar, Markurdi


The New leadership of the Benue Sate House of Assembly has taken over the Assembly Complex following the withdrawal of Security Personnel who laid siege to the complex for two weeks.

The New Speaker Hon Titus Uba who led members to the complex on Wednesday said that they came to take charge of the Complex so that they can continue with their legitimate duties as representatives of the people.

He stressed that the statement issued by President Buhari, dissociating himself with the Benue House of Assembly crises had yielded results as Security personnel who harassed House members and staff for two weeks had been withdrawn from the Assembly Complex.

It would be recalled that two weeks ago the crises at the Benue State House of Assembly assumed a new dimension when security forces took over the complex barring House members and staff from gaining access into the Complex

Hon Titus Uba thanked everyone who stood by them throughout the period saying it was a struggle to save the soul of Benue State and democracy.

The Speaker noted that democracy still thrives in Nigeria irrespective of the struggles and he assured the people of quality legislation saying the House was adjourned and will reconvene at an appropriate time to continue with proper legislative actives.