Biotechnology: Key to agricultural development – Expert


A Professor of Microbiology and Biotechnology, Professor Nwadiuto Esiobu, has advised policy makers in Nigeria to embrace the adoption of biotechnology in advancing agriculture, saying that the food security drive of the Federal Government may not be realizable without the new technology.

Esiobu, who is also the Chief Executive/ Founder of Applied Biotech in Nigeria and America, and a Professor at Biological Sciences Department, Florida Atlantic University, stated that she had decided to contribute to the development of biotechnology in Nigeria through her pilot project, “LAB-TAB”.

She noted that the government needs to invest in agricultural biotechnology to improve the standard of farming in the country, while improving the economic status of farmers who hitherto engages in subsistence farming without anything tangible to show for the labour.

“Nigeria cannot do without the advances we have made in agriculture, prominently, in biotechnology, there is no way you dice it, from climate change to population explosion, to competition for land space for agriculture and to our crops don’t give us the best yield, so they are limited genetically,” she said.


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