Border closure, blessing to fish farmers – Association


The land border closure by the Nigerian government is a blessing to fish farmers in the country, says Mr. Rotimi Oloye, the National President, Catfish Farmers Association of Nigeria (CFAN).

The CFAN national president  said while the borders were opened, some illegal activities were on, poultry products were imported.

He said that since the borders were closed, fish farmers were back to work, increased volume of production, more employment, wealth generated and adequate sustenance of the industry being witnessed.

Oloye said the fish farmers had always been on duty and would continue to do their best to ensure adequate production to meet demand in the country.

“We must work to survive, pay bills and will try to increase production.

Government should continue the closure of land borders since it cannot distribute enough cash to all of us, the social service of the closure is more than money distribution.

The consumers should stay with us as we shall continue to secure quality fish for them.”