Border closure good for Nigeria’s food security



The Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development in Nigeria Mr. Muhammed Nanono says Nigeria is food secured as Nigerians are not hungry and that the country’s border will remain closed to neigbouring countries until they are ready to cooperate to end smuggling activities.

The Minister made the remark at a Press Conference organized by the Ministry as part of activities to kick start the celebrations of the 2019 World Food Day  in Abuja, Nigeria’s capital.

Nanono said what Nigerians face are inconveniences of affording 3 square meals as there are countries in the world facing worse hunger problems.

“I think we producing enough now to feed ourselves and I think we there is no hunger in this country but if you say there are some inconveniences yes, but if you probably I miss my breakfast   but I get lunch or I miss my lunch and I get Dinner…you need to go to other countri0es to hunger in its severe form”

He added that the farmers are smiling as they are earning more and as long as there are positive responses, the border will remain closed.

“I think the farmers are smiling now because they are getting a price for the rice and I think so long as these countries bordering us will not respect the protocols of this very important issues of bringing food into Nigeria the longer the border closure will remain”

Nanono noted that the major reason for the closure of the border was to sensitize stakeholders and Nigerians on the adverse effect of smuggling on the country’s economy and the health of Nigerians.

According to the Minister one of the major problems of farmers in the country is transportation, noting that with improved transportation system particularly the rail, the cost of produce will reduce by 30%.