Boxing: Curtis Harper ‘quits’ fight with Efe Ajagba

Mazino Dickson


In what could be the shortest boxing fight in recent history, fans in the American City of Minneapolis were left stunned and shocked as home boy Curtis Harper walked out of the the ring after the opening bell of a heavyweight bout against Nigeria’s Efe Ajagba.

Jordan Hardy, a journalist with fight promoters Premier Boxing Champions, tweeted that Curtis left the ring because he was protesting the payment structure for the bout.

With just five seconds gone in the round, 30 year old Curtis left the ring much to the shock and irritation of fans, promoters, journalists commentators and Ajagba himself.

Officials disqualified him at the one-second mark of the first round.

Nate Campbell, the trainer of Curtis Harper and a former lightweight world champion, was highly embittered by his ward’s action.

“This man disrespected himself, his wife, the fans and me,” he retorted angrily.

Match promoter romoter Leon Margules expressed shock and disbelief.

“He signed a contract and agreed to the fight,” Margules told the BBC.

“First time we heard about money issues was after he left the ring. He weighed in and showed up on time and even touched gloves before the bell. It is strange.

“If he didn’t like the deal, why did he accept the fight and money?”

Ajagba, 24, has six wins from six, including five knockouts.

He is described as “The most feared man in boxing.”