Brazil government to intervene over security in Rio


The president of Brazil’s Senate said on Friday the federal government would intervene to beef up security in Rio de Janeiro state.

The move appears to dim prospects for a much-delayed pension reform bill, which would require a change to the constitution. Constitutional amendments are banned during federal interventions.

Eunício de Oliveira said the government would appoint an army general to oversee security forces in the violence-plagued state, including the police, and the fire and intelligence departments.

Sources at the presidential palace told Reporters on Thursday the government was considering creating a new ministry to oversee public security.

Legislation to streamline Brazil’s costly social security system has been lined up for a first crucial vote in the lower house of Congress next week.

It is being watched closely by investors worried about the government’s ability to bring a huge budget deficit under control and avoid a further credit rating downgrade.


Zainab Sa’id