Brazil mulls privatization of national parks


The Brazilian government has announced plans to privatize two of its national parks.

To this end, it will also sign concession contracts of the national parks of Jericoacoara and Lencois Maranhenses in northeast Brazil, and renew the concession contract of the Iguacu National Park on the border with Argentina.

The plan was announced by the office of the president after a meeting between President Jair Bolsonaro and staff of the Investment Partnership Program council.

According to Brazilian law, state-owned assets cannot be privatized without congressional approval, and an analysis of the Brazilian Development Bank is also critical to Congress decision.

The Brazilian government, which currently owns 130 companies in several areas, also plans to privatise several other companies, including electric company Eletrobras.

Onyx Lorenzoni, Chief of Staff of the Brazil’s largest state-owned oil and gas company, Petrobras, said the administration have not reached a consensus about the possibility of privatising the oil giant.

The privatisation plan of two of Brazil’s national parks is expected to evoke anger among environmental rights activists, conservationists and the local Indigenous population within the Amzon belt.

President Jair Bolsonaro has been accused of attempting to sell off several state assets to cronies and other business interests – but more importantly the deforestation of the Amazon.