Brazilian football clubs reject video referees


Brazil’s first division clubs have voted against the adoption of Video Assistant Referee (VAR), five months after the Brazilian Football Confederation (CBF) promised to introduce the review system.

The CBF did not explain why the clubs voted against VAR but media reports said it was due to the cost of acquiring the device.

According to, installing VAR would cost each club around 1 million Reais (about £219,440).

The CBF has, therefore, decided to bear the cost of installing the system for use in some Brazilian Cup matches.

“The use of video referees was addressed and the clubs decided it will not be implemented in the 2018 Brasileirao (the first division championship),” the body said in a statement.

The CBF had promised to introduce the system last September after Corinthians beat Vasco da Gama 1-0, with a player bundling the ball into the goal post with his arm.

At Monday’s meeting in Rio, the clubs also voted to allow synthetic pitches to be used in matches and permitted each team to play up to five home games in states other than their own.

Brazilian teams often play home games in distant cities, where they can make more money from gate fees.

However, the CBF stipulated that the option would not be permitted in the last five games of the season.



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