British Army detonates unexploded Bomb discovered in London Airport

Hauwa Abubakar, London


A World War II bomb that was found buried at the London City Airport on Tuesday has been detonated at sea.

The bomb is one of many explosive devices that were dropped by Warcrafts during World War 2, some of which failed to explode.

The device which weighed 500KG was found at the King George V Dock in the Airport during construction work.

The 1.5m-long German bomb – which was found in a bed of silt, near the River Thames was removed on Monday and placed in a secure location a mile away from the coast of Essex, reports said.

Bad weather conditions hampered its controlled detonation on Tuesday.

The Airport was shut down on Monday but reopened on Tuesday after the explosive device was removed.

The Ministry of Defence estimates 10% of the bombs dropped over the UK during WWII did not explode but added it was difficult to ascertain how many more remained undiscovered.

It said it had discovered about 450 such devices in the past 8 years.

Aisha JM