British opposition Labour targets 22GW solar power by 2030

Windmills and Solar Panels

The British opposition Labour party has set a target of 22GW solar power by 2030.

In its 30 by 2030 report, the Labour Party plans to decarbonize the economy to an extent that would secure global leadership in the attempt to halt runaway climate change.

Highlights include 30 policy recommendations for achieving four key carbon emission reduction goals.

This would help the U.K. achieve a 77% reduction on the volume of its 2010 carbon emissions by 2030 –  far more than the 45% reduction called for worldwide during that period by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.

The Labour policy has  cardinal points –  energy efficiency, decarbonizing heating and energy and balancing the grid.

The British Solar industry has sort for a near-tripling of PV generation capacity, from the current 13 GW to 35 GW by 2030, to supply 9% of the nation’s energy mix.