Broadcasters seek relevant content for industry sustenance

Ogunnubi/Ulanmo, Lagos


Media stakeholders have called on producers, film and music industry to seek more opportunities to create relevant content that will increase revenue.

Speakers at a two-day Digital Broadcast Convention in Lagos agreed that good content production can help stimulate producers and stations to generate revenue from the digital ecosystem, which is largely unexplored.

Speakers like Mr Olu Akinlabi and Prince Adeyinka Amosu in Lagos argued that the Nigerian broadcast industry needs to leverage media consumption changes to benefit the audience.

Mr Akinlabi said it was good to produce relevant content for the entire production ecosystem to the platforms taking into consideration all the demographics.

“Content Production is key and the in-thing now. This is the best time to do content producing and get your money back.  Look out for the needs of your audience, the sponsors and advertisers before the start of content production. This is necessary to suit their needs,” he said.

The speakers said that for producers and stations to attract funding there must be positive programming, having considered the needs of its target audience and producing content to meet their needs in order to get funds.

Others said there was a need for the media, telecom and tech industries to form partnerships, in order to pull resources together to reach more eyeballs by operating on more platforms.

Participants at the convention were educated on strategies to reduce the cost of production while generating revenue, using the new media technologies such as social media platforms for content production.