Building collapse: Engineer wants strict enforcement of regulations


Eddy Atumonyogo, President, Nigerian Institution of Structural Engineers, has called on the Lagos State Government to enforce regulations concerning the housing sector to avoid building collapse.

Atumonyogo, said this in Lagos, while commenting on a building that collapsed at Ita- Faji, in Lagos Island Local Government Area on Wednesday.

He said that government should ensure that those who mann the housing authority must be qualified and competent professionals, who can understand designs and ensure that faulty designs do not pass through the process.

“If the foundation is not designed based on the strength of the soil, we could have a building collapse as a result of faulty foundation design.

“If the structure is not properly designed by a qualified professional, mostly structural engineers, a faulty design can lead to building collapse and even if the building is designed properly, the construction process is faulty, it can lead to building collapse,” he said.

The president said professionals should be allowed to practice in their specialised field to improve their skills and reduce quackery.

“Professionals should practice in their areas of core competencies, structural work should have more than two, three plans, it should be left in the hands of structural engineers because they have been trained, it’s a specialist’s  job.

”That is why we always advocate that professionals should practice in their areas of core competence to stamp out quackery in the industry,” he said.