Burundi to ban plastic bags by 2020


Burundi will join a growing number of African countries to have banned plastic bags in year 2020.

President Pierre Nkurunziza issued a decree on Monday prohibiting the “manufacture, import, storage, sale and use of all plastic bags and other plastic packaging.”

The order will come into effect in 18 months to come, allowing for “the disposal of current stocks and orders already placed”.

There could be some exemptions “for bio-degradable plastic bags, bags and plastic materials used in medical services, and in industrial and pharmaceutical packaging,” the decree read.

More than 40 countries
More than 40 countries around the world have banned plastic bags, including Morocco, Rwanda and Kenya.

According to a 2018 UN report, policies to combat plastic waste have had mixed results. In Cameroon, plastic bags are banned and households pay for every kilo of plastic waste they collect, but still plastic bags are being smuggled in.

BBC/Olufunmilola/Lateefah Ibrahim