Cameroon Confirms Four Venues For CHAN 2020


Ahead of the 2020 Championship of African Nations ( CHAN), the host country Cameroon has confirmed four venues that will host the competition.

Cameroon was given the hosting right of the tournament after the initial host Ethiopia withdrew and the Central Africa country was allowed to take over in order to test run its new infrastructure for the 2021 African Cup of Nations, BSN reports.

Among the stadia named are Stade Japoma that has the highest number of seats 50,000, Stade Amadou Ahidjou ( 42,000).

The other two stadia includes Stade Roumde Adja (30,000) and Stade Koukeng Dr Baffoussam (20,000) while the host still two other stadia which are meant for 2021 AFCON and are under construction.

The biennial tournament is slated for January 2020, while the last round of qualifier take place this weekend.